Mobile App Design UI/UX

Founder - Citizen Sync

Citizen Sync

The Task
Design v3.0 of the Citizen Sync App

Services in project
Design Strategy, UX/UI & Graphic Design, Branding



In 2013 I co-founded Citizen Sync, a company that built mobile apps for municipalities. After signing up our 5th city and reaching over 10k installations we made the decision to begin work on the next design update to the app. I wanted to create something that was clean and consistent with the colors and branding of each local city.

Using assets and data provided by the city, we could seed portions of the design within the app. For example, taking the official city colors, we used an algorithm to intelligently pick a palette for readability. In addition, we used the images provided within each post to generate a blurred-background effect that allowed the pallete to be created dynamically as well. This allowed us to template the building of each city's new app in a way that was far more scalable, and beautiful as well.