Web Design, Design Strategy

Freelance - Strengthsbase.com

StrengthsBase, Inc

The Task
Rebuild website, branding update, fresh graphics and copywriting

Services in project
Design Strategy, Marketing, Web & Graphic Design, Copywriting, HTML/CSS, JQuery



StrengthsBase contacted me about rebuilding their website and updating their brand to reflect a more straight-forward and clear message. Using a strong Bootstrap based template, I solidified their marketing message into a concise format that drove users toward a free trial of their product. In additional to this, I created new marketing graphics to use on the site and wrote copy to reflect their product and marketing goals.

This StrengthsBase project combined many different aspects of the design process beyond HTML and graphic design work. Using Basecamp I was able to interact with the team while also maintaining a high degree of autonomy that allowed me room to implement fresh changes to their design strategy. While the main homepage still reflects much of my original work, in-house changes to other pages have led to a loss of the original design style.

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