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Design Strategy, UX - Yours Network

Yours Network

The Task
Design the front-end UI/UX for Yours Web App

Services in project
Design Strategy, UX & Graphic Design, Prototyping



While the backend technology was being tested, I was tasked with designing the front-end UI/UX of the upcoming Yours product. Like the brand, the idea was to create a minimal and self-explanatory interface for a crowd-sourced feed similar to Reddit. The layout provides lots of whitespace and makes use of contrast to differentiate the importance of various layers of information.

Working in Slack, I took the feedback of the team as I designed multiple iterations towards a final product. In addition to the image displayed here, multiple pages of the web app were built to reflect the technical limitations of the backend and needs of the user. Lastly, a scaled back MVP version of the UI has also been built.

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