Mobile App UI/UX

Design Strategy, UX - Accela / Citizen Sync

Accela, Citizen Sync

The Task
Using Accela's API Product, build a mobile app for cities

Services in project
Design Strategy, UX & Graphic Design, Prototyping



Every year Accela, a civic engagement software platform for government, hosts a contest to develop new ideas in their space. At the time, I was a co-founder with Citizen Sync, a company that built municipalities their own native app to help keep citizens up-to-date and informed on their local area. I designed and prototyped a mobile app implementation of two Accela API products into our CitizenSync product.

Two powerful features were added to our Mobile App for Cities. First, we would enable constituants to report-an-issue in their city by taking a picture in the app. Second, anyone living in the city could start and join local conversations. The design took into account the data we had access to and worked to use bluring and transparency to provide an extremely clean appearance.