Web App UI/UX

Hack the Commute 2015 Finalist

Seattle "Hack the Commute" Hackathon

The Task
Design tools to improve the commute in Seattle

Services in project
Design Strategy, UX & Graphic Design, Branding

Summer 2015


The City of Seattle and Commute Seattle hold an annual hackathon that invites data analysts, developers, and designers to design tools to improve the commute. Days after arriving in Seattle I took part in the hackathon and joined a talented team of coders all the way to the finals. Our product, Work Orbit, helps new residents of Seattle find the right neighborhood with an experience that encourages informed commute choices driven by public data.

With a strong focus on the user experience of relocating, and having just relocated myself, I was able to provide insight into the way these decisions are made. Working with 3 other team members, I provided the front-end design and UX to guide new residents along the path of least resistance when arriving in a new, unknown city.